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This package is built using the TALL stack to easily create dynamic tables for your models. It has been created with simplicity and efficiency in mind while still being able to extend it to your needs. Because of this simplicity, you will get Livewire Tables up and running in no time.

An easy way to customize the tables look and feel is also a very important aspect for this package. By publishing and customizing the views, Livewire Tables should always blend into the style of your project.

The way the table is built up has been inspired by Laravel Nova as it is simple yet powerful.


These are some of the highlights which you will get out of the box:

  • Selection of the columns you wish to see
  • Apply multiple filters at the same time
  • Perform actions on the selected records
  • Reorder the records in the table
  • Export records from the table
  • Works perfectly with the SoftDeletes trait
  • Search columns individually
  • Multiple column types supported
  • Dark mode support
  • 100% code coverage

Released under the MIT License